Game Effects & Model States

Name: Description:
Burning: Models which have been set on fire take ongoing fire damage. The Burning model takes 1 point of Burning damage at the end of each of its Actions until the fire is extinguished. A model may extinguish the fire and immediately remove the Burning Model State by spending a Specialty Action during any of its Activations to extinguish the flames. A model does not take Burning damage at the end of the Action it uses to extinguish the flames. Therefore, if the very first Action a Burning model uses after being set on fire is used to extinguish the flames, it will not take a point of damage for Burning. Any model that does take damage for Burning gains the Flame Attack SA for melee attacks until it extinguishes the fire.

Note: If for any reason a Burning model takes less than two Actions on its Activation, it still takes 1 point of damage for each Action it did not take.

Infected: A model that has become Infected suffers a -1 penalty to all die rolls until the end of the next Game Turn.
Disabled A model that has become Disabled suffers -1 #MA and -1 #RA until the end of its next Activation. A model may go below one melee attack offensively, but never defensively (i.e., Disabled models always get at least one Defensive Strike or Defensive Shot.)
Flying A Flying model flies through the air above the conflict area. While Flying, the model does not suffer any negative Movement Modifiers for terrain (see page XX). A Flying model may fly over obstructions and other models. In the event that a Flying model ends its movement and remains Flying with any part of its base occupying the same table-top space as a model that is on the ground or Flying, a token must be used to indicate the Flying status of the model.

Flying models cannot block B2B between ground models. Flying models may not land in a space currently occupied by another model.

While Flying, a model can only conduct or be targeted by melee attacks from other models that are currently Flying. The only exception to this is when a Flying model uses a Swift Attack to conduct combat against a model on the ground. Flying models have LOS to the entire board and vice versa, except to interior spaces (e.g., inside a building or cave). AoE attacks or effects do not affect both Flying models and models on the ground, unless otherwise specified by the weapon’s description. A weapon attack between Flying models and models on the ground uses the weapon’s normal Range. Ranged attacks from models on the ground against Flying models receive a -1 penalty.

Held A model that has become Held may not perform Move, Charge, or Run Actions on its next Activation.
Poisoned: During the End Phase of each Game Turn, each Poisoned model must make a 10+ Roll with a +1 Bonus for each remaining Damage Track it has. Models with the Tough SA also add their Tough number to this roll. If a model fails the roll, it takes 1 point of damage. Regardless of the success or failure of this roll, the model is no longer Poisoned.

If a Poisoned model is successfully healed, it is no longer Poisoned. Zombie species Models cannot become Poisoned.

Shaken: Attacks against Shaken models receive a +2 bonus to their Melee Attack Value (MAV), or their Ranged Attack Value (RAV). A model may remove the Shaken effect from itself by performing a Specialty Action during its Activation. Models with the Fearless or Mindless SAs cannot become Shaken.
Stunned: A model that has become Stunned may not participate in any defensive combat (Defensive Strikes or Defensive Shots) and may only take a single Action during its next Activation, after which the model is no longer Stunned. If the Stunned model takes any damage before its next Activation, it is no longer Stunned (remember that all damage takes affect after defensive combat, so the Stunned model would not get to participate in defensive combat in the attack that damaged it).