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THE GAME CONCEPT —————————————-
Build a group of Survivors in the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie infested world that you have awakened in.
Alternatively, you can elect to wake up as a Zombie Leader bent on bringing all creatures into your
Zombie horde.

The game has several play modes wherein players are all in opposition (fighting for survival) or they may agree to cooperate to achieve a specific scenario agenda or goal, depending on the scenario and the pre-game arrangements made by the players. Players may choose to use a Referee or Game Master for larger games or in smaller settings the GM can also play, but only with a Zombie Horde and only using the Random Horde Control system provided in the rules, much like NPCs in a fantasy adventure game. This flexibility is intended to give players variety in playing the game with different models, tactics and strategies in small games of 2-3 players or larger games of 4-8 players with a multi-facted zombie game where either one player controls the Zombie Horde, and the rest struggling for survival, or in games where there are more than 4 players, each player may choose either a Survivor Group or a Zombie Horde, which affords the possibility of having a single Survivor Group facing multiple hordes of zombies should that be a scenario you choose to play.

As an expansion, depending on how well the game is received, the campaign engine from the Warlord 1E rules needs to be polished off and converted for use with this game system to spur further interest. In the interim various Scenarios can easily be developed to add variety to the game with little pre-game work for the players.

…some of the possible scenarios could be:
Avoid the Raiders – Bad guys will be Bad guys and the Apocalypse makes them meaner and more dangerous than ever.
Secure the Camp – The SHHTF and you have to secure your makeshift camp against the horde to get some much needed rest.
Save the Kid – A kid is stranded in the mall, you have to save him/her.
Join the Band – Band together for survival, each player controls up to 3 models against a large horde.
Damsel in Distress – A woman is stranded on the roof, you have to save her.
Medicine Run – Medical supplies are needed to save a member of your camp, can you make it in time?
Resupply Run – Food and water are getting scarce, but somebody remembers a food warehouse is close by, can you get the goods?

Build Your Group

Start by choosing whether you are among the living. You will then be taken to the app page to build your group. When done, click the Output Roster button, PDF or Print icon to print the results.

If you find any discrepancy between this tool and the printed rulebook, the rulebook is correct.

Here Warlords can browse the reference material during an encounter or research the units they want to recruit in their next army or warband.

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